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Search Engine Optimization

Since the beginning of the internet, search engines have been used to find relevant information of websites. The internet has become more than just a source of content but a means for doing business and e-commerce. Meta Tag keywording, content site keywording, indexing and cross site linking have all been the primary focus for page one results within search engines.

Studies have shown that people rarely navigate past page three or a search query within a search engine. Furthermore studies have also shown that most e-commerce that is generated through a websites is done so from a "page one" exposure from search engines. However, the internet is dynamically changing and what provided adequate search results in the past are no longer doing so today. Frequent and continual monitoring needs to be implemented in order to maintain consistent results

Recently, newer technologies and methodologies have evolved to the point where if your website is search engine optimized correctly and precisely monitored it could generate more business for you than ever before. With your website and SEO you will see immediate results and a better return on your investment (RIO) than other marketing media.

Mac & Dan are experts of SEO and we use the latest proven technological techniques to make sure your content is reaching your core audience and more specifically doing so legitimately using proper SEO.

We offer several packaged proposals to which we can generate more business for you and not just hits. Page one results are always what we strive for both in Pay for Click (PPC) and in the free organic search query. Targeted results are always guaranteed.

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