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By now, just about everyone has heard of the Apple iPod, which has become a phenomenal success for being such a small gadget. What was spun as a way to take your music with you has evolved into a device that allows you to view pictures and movies as well.

Aside from being just an entertainment device, the iPod in combination with the iTunes Music Store has given birth to an explosion of media enthusiasts. People across the world have been liberated from the controlled and mundane content of the major networks to create whatever customized listening material they prefer. Hence the invention of audioblogging or Podcasting.

odcasting is more than just a fad and more recently “Vodcasting” or “Vidcasting” has been introduced on a mass level by the introduction of Apple’s Video iPod. The opportunity to "Get up on your soapbox" has never been easier. You can create and publish your own audio and video content for the world to see—and we can show you how.

Mac & Dan are experts in explaining the process of creating and publishing your very own audio or video podcasts. We will provide you with the technical expertise you need from setup to publishing and everything in between. As experienced podcasters ourselves, we can guide you through the proper ways to set up your hardware and software for recording your content, to establish your web hosting site, to create your file encoding and to syndicate your RSS feed.

We believe there is no better computing platform for Podcasting than the Apple Macintosh. The ease and simplicity of a Mac is ideal for both the novice and advanced user. If broadcasting to an audience of millions for just a few dollars a month sounds appealing, we can help you realize your goal. Move over Jay Leno, David Letterman and Larry King! The Podcasting world is gunning for you.

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